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We got Blues AND Rock
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The HogWeed "Homies" Studio
This was our Studio in the basement. Watch out for the new Studio soon.
The Instruments and Equipment:

Guitars: Brian May handsigned BMG Special, Ibanez PF-200 (signed by Ten Years After), Yamaha Pacifica, Ibanez S770FM-ATF
Acoustic Guitars: Ibanez AEL1512 TBS 12-string, Crafter WB400CE with roundback
Bass Guitar: Sandberg Electra
Keyboards: Roland D20 Syntie, KAWAI MP5 Stage Piano, Korg SV1 vintage Piano
Drumset: basic set from a discounter, pimped with Meinl Hi Hat and Cymbals.

Amps: Fender Powerchorus and Marschall Code 50 for Guitar. Harley Benton HBW-15 for Bass. Small 8-Channel PA for little gigs.
Guitar effect: Zoom G5
Recording: Tascam 2844

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